...Games we enjoy to play...

Atinga is more...

Creating games is what I did and what I will continue to do. Games that we all enjoy to play and want to have on our iPhone!

There are many games in the pipeline which soon will be available in the AppStore. Just moments away, so stay tuned!

Company Information

Atinga is a company based in the Netherlands and works with many freelancers to get the best results.

Company News

Just recentely Atinga created its first iPhone app together with GMIA : Photo'Flick.

Company Services

If you are in need of an Apple iPhone app or a game for the inter-webs, just send me an email and let us discuss the oppertunities.

How is your support?

Like everyone else says, it is great. Lets say you encounter an error. What to do? First, exit the application. Turn off and on your iPhone 3 times in a row and then start the app again. Usually it works if you're headbanging all together while pushing those buttons. If the error keeps on popping up you are probably not the only one requesting a fix and I did a poor job.
Offcourse and this probably is a better solution. Just get in contact with me straight away and explain what happend. This would be of big help for everyone, and I would like to thank you in advance. Thank you!


  • Believes & Do's

    Atinga believes in creating games people enjoy. Money is secundair although we all have to pay for our foods and rent and thus it makes it pretty important. I will keep on doing this untill my creativity worns out. But I do believe this will stick with me for many years to come, or so I do hope!

  • Entertainment

    I am not here to say you are great but I do say you are pretty awesome. Next to that usually a monkey or a minion eating a banana is good entertainment or looking at the people around me (includes looking at the mirror) is fun.

  • Are you serious?

    Sometimes, but I tend to take things lite. If you get my drift.
    No ones wants to pay for crap, so that's when I get serious and create cool and entertaining games!